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Safeguarding Lives and Assets


PFP and Fire Stopping services

Our expert team specialises in designing, installing, and maintaining both electronic fire detection and alarm systems and passive fire protection systems.

From commercial buildings to residential spaces, we tailor solutions to mitigate risks and ensure rapid response in the event of a fire emergency.


We specialize in various services, including:

  • Intumescent Painting of Structural Steelwork
  • Fire Stopping Installations
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Fire Protective Boarding and Encasement of Steel Columns
  • Fire Barriers
  • Air Sealing
  • Fire Protection for Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings
  • Small Works Division

Fire protection provision is necessary in every type of building, be it residential or non-residential, to effectively contain, compartmentalize, and retard the spread of fire.

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Our service is to reply very quickly from the initial enquiry.

Registered Office: Jubilee Works, Jubilee Industrial Estate, Gorsey Lane, Coleshill B46 1JU.

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